BrowTint & Concealer w/ Strips

Tint application last up to 2-3 weeks. Please read description

  • 30 minutes
  • 92 US dollars
  • Location 1

Please read all details

This service comes with Brow trim with razor, mink strips, Regular brow tint and flesh tone concealer under the eyebrow. DO NOT GET YOUR BROWS WAXED PRIOR TO THE APPOINTMENT CLEAN, EXFOLIATE, & MOISTURIZE YOUR SKIN PRIOR TO YOUR APPOINTMENT! *Varies from person to person. Brow tint can last up to 4 weeks on the hairs & up to 2 weeks on skin depending on your skin type and home maintenance. *DISCLAIMER* **YOU MUST AVOID HIGH SUN EXPOSURE FOR THE 1st 3 DAYS! *CLIMATE CHANGE,HUMIDITY & TRAVELING MAY AFFECT YOUR BROWS! -I am not responsible Your brows are not to get wet during the duration that you have it on your skin. Any hair products, oils, ocean water, and lubricants can and will remove the tint. Ariell is NOT responsible for your tint being removed while your home. You must follow the home care instructions that has been given to you. Preparing for this service, Please do not wear any makeup the day of your appointment. Your tint will not adhere nor apply correctly if you do so and can possibly change color! If you arrive to your appointment with makeup on your brows, I will not be able to do your tint and you WILL NOT be refunded! **If you have dry skin, your tint may appear "patchy" once your service has been completed and after once it starts fading. Wearing makeup is NOT Advised on your brows! Any tripe of makeup on your brow! **THERE IS NO GRACE PERIOD FOR THIS SERVICE. This is a 15min service! **As of 12/10/2019, Brow Tint appointment times are 15mins. THERE IS NO GRACE PERIOD FOR THIS SERVICE. Appointments will be canceled at the 6 min mark and late fee is NOW $10 for being 5mins late if I ca ALL MONIES PAID WILL BE NULL & VOID! YOU WILL HAVE TO REBOOK ONLINE AND PAY ADDITIONAL “CANCELLATION FEE” IF YOUR APPOINTMENT WAS CANCELED DUE TO BEING LATE & SAME DAY CANCELLATION

Cancellation Policy

****COVID-19 IF YOU ARE SICK, please reschedule your appointment within the 24hr timeframe (reg. Policy still the same) If you arrive to your appointment coughing, sneezing, under the weather your service will be declined and no refund given on deposits or remaining balances!! ••• **Class Cancellations: Cancellations: REMAINING BALANCE IS DUE 10 days before your class. All deposits are non-refundable! You are only allowed once to reschedule for an additional fee of $150 prior to any date on up to 10days before class date. Rescheduling a class 10days or less before the class is $250 Example class date is 7/21/19. You can reschedule on or before 7/10/19 Not after that date leading up to the class. **Classes cancelled between 7/11-7/20 are subected to a EXTRA$375 cancellation fee! Anything after the deadlines are $400 EXTRAS **Classes canceled on the day of the class will void all fees paid. You will not receive any type of refund AND YOU MUST PAY THE EXTRA $375 to reschedule ***Appointment Cancellation/Rescheduling/Deposit: There's a 24 hrs notice that's required for rescheduling and cancellation! For rescheduling/canceling appointments after the 24hrs grace period after will result in a $35 additional to reschedule due to the fact I cannot get an appointment booked within an hour and loss of wages. You have only 1 time to reschedule and have to pay a deposit to reschedule (another deposit is required i