5. 1-2year Year Microshading Touch Up

EXISTING CLIENTS ONLY who received initial services from me already

  • 3 hours
  • 450 US dollars
  • Location 1

Please read all details

*** THIS PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE CONSULTATIONS**** Do not book if you have a previous tattoo that’s not VISIBLE! THAT IS CONSIDERED A New set You must be able to come back to receive your touch up with 6 to 12weeks to set your ink in or your brows will possibly Fade These are Semi Permanent Eyebrows. This look is similar to “pencil" l brow filled look * Please Read Full Description* If any of the disqualifications below apply to you, you are not a candidate for semi-permanent brows: -Under 18 years of age. -Pregnant and/or breastfeeding. -Diabetic. -Allergic to pigmentation and make up. -Glaucoma and/or taking blood thinning medicines. -Skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis on the area to be treated. -Active skin cancer in the treated area. -Prone to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. -Undiagnosed rashes or blisters on the treated area. -TRANSMITTABLE BLOOD CONDITIONS, for example Hepatitis or HIV. -Mitral valve disorder or high blood pressure. -Hemophiliac. -Healing disorders. -Taking skin medication such as antasure, ro-accutaine which thin and make the skin become very sensitive. If you are please wait a year out. -Undergoing radiotherapy or chemotherapy. If you are you must wait 42 days from the date of the treatment and get a clearance note from your doctor. -Epileptic who has experienced faint spell or seizure. -Antibiotics and steroid medication. Please wait at least 2 weeks out before or after treatment -Recent chemical peel (must wait 2 weeks) -If you had undergone laser treatment in the area to be treated. (must wait 8 weeks out) -Allergy to Lidocaine. -Recent botox in the area (must wait 2 weeks out after botox) -Taking any immune-suppressing medication. -Current sunburn.

Cancellation Policy

****COVID-19 IF YOU ARE SICK, please reschedule your appointment within the 24hr timeframe (reg. Policy still the same) If you arrive to your appointment coughing, sneezing, under the weather your service will be declined and no refund given on deposits or remaining balances!! ••• **Class Cancellations: Cancellations: REMAINING BALANCE IS DUE 10 days before your class. All deposits are non-refundable! You are only allowed once to reschedule for an additional fee of $150 prior to any date on up to 10days before class date. Rescheduling a class 10days or less before the class is $250 Example class date is 7/21/19. You can reschedule on or before 7/10/19 Not after that date leading up to the class. **Classes cancelled between 7/11-7/20 are subected to a EXTRA$375 cancellation fee! Anything after the deadlines are $400 EXTRAS **Classes canceled on the day of the class will void all fees paid. You will not receive any type of refund AND YOU MUST PAY THE EXTRA $375 to reschedule ***Appointment Cancellation/Rescheduling/Deposit: There's a 24 hrs notice that's required for rescheduling and cancellation! For rescheduling/canceling appointments after the 24hrs grace period after will result in a $35 additional to reschedule due to the fact I cannot get an appointment booked within an hour and loss of wages. You have only 1 time to reschedule and have to pay a deposit to reschedule (another deposit is required if you miss the 24hr deadline. Rescheduling is free if you notify me 24hrs prior) within that month NOTHING LATER, but the deposit will not be refunded at all after you book an appointment ; if you cannot find a desired date, then the deposit will be voided and not refunded to you. ***** If your 24 hr notice has lapsed then you will have