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Multi-use synthetic, stiff, flat concealer brush that can be used to conceal under the eyes, apply lipstick and eyeliners. Works well with powder, liquid and cream cosmetics. 


Elle.Chateaux Pro Series: Concealer Brush #C23

  • For indefinite lifespan clean brushes right after use to avoid product staining and bacteria buildup which may cause breakouts. 

    Avoid harsh detergents: Use a mild soap, baby shampoo, or a gentle face cleanser


    • DR. BRONNER'S Baby Unscented Pure-Castile Liquid Soap
    •  Makeup cleansing mat: Lightly swirl the wet brush into the cleanser, rinsing and re-dipping until the bristles are totally clear. When drying your brushes is to prevent water from seeping into the glue at the base and loosening the bristles.When setting them out to dry, keep your brushes tilted with the bristles pointed downward. DO NOT SOAK YOUR BRUSHES
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